Constructions App

Construction documentation with the FastAudit app as a digital construction diary.

Capture the standard data of a construction report with digital forms without interruption:

  • Date
  • building task

  • Weather (temperature, cloudiness, precipitation)
  • Status of construction works and trades
  • Present participants, such as architects, site managers, engineers
  • Workload of employed craftsmen of third-party companies
  • Used construction machinery (operation, breakdown and downtime)
  • Used construction materials with quantity recording and detailed description of use
  • Faults and deviations from the planned construction process such as warping or construction defects
  • Subsequent additional orders agreed upon.
  • Quality Checks and Measurements
  • Acceptance of construction work and partial acceptance

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FastAudit Highlights

  • Customizable digital forms.
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Windows 10. Phone and Tablet are supported.
  • Simple and intuitive handling.
  • App and backend can be provided with logo and colors of the customer.